#Cosplayer @onlyalicat with an awesome up close shot of her as…

#Cosplayer @onlyalicat with an awesome up close shot of her as #NightmareBeforeChristmas Sally. #cosplay #disney
onlyalicat – “What’s wrong? I thought you liked frogs breath.” -Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas.
Doing the stitches for this look was a fun challenge. With Steve’s help I was able to glue the cut yarn on with eyelash glue and then once that dried top seal it with spirit gum. For an additional realistic look, he suggested putting some shadow around where the stitches go into the skin. I have to say that this is my favorite version of the makeup thus far. Next up on this costume I want to paint the seam lines of the stitches on the bodysuit and redo the stitches on the dress to be more sporadic. Always improving. #fb #tb
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