cosplayinamerica: “My Girlfriend (Amy aka Duck) came up with the…


“My Girlfriend (Amy aka Duck) came up with the Big Bird costume because 5 days before con we found out that Caroll Spinney (the guy who plays big bird) was going to be at Silicon Valley Comic Con.

The Big Bird costume was extremely difficult to put together. She was first drew it out full scale to her proportions. Made a collapsible skeleton for it so it can be easily transported. Then pattern it out and sewed it out of fleece. Then made the head out of foam and attached the fleece. Once all that was finished she attached about 6-7 thousand feathers 1 at a time onto the fleece. Then made the pants for the legs and and finally made the feet out of couch foam wrapped in fleece.

Everyone loved Big Bird, we would of wore it around more but its extremely hard to get around in it because of all the people.”

—- Diabolic Duck Cosplay

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