Hey, guys! It’s time to talk, ‘cause it’s a…

Hey, guys! It’s time to talk, ‘cause it’s a Social Weekend! Today we’re gonna talk about altruism and what’s Cosplay Blog all about.

I guess, we are, somewhat, a big blog right now (maybe even, you know, people outside of Tumblr know about us, I don’t even know) and I received letters like this, like, 3 or 4 times already. You know me, I’m absolutely honest to you and our blog is absolutely transparent about what’s unseen to you. I want to make something clear to anyone who sends us letters like this.

[Offensive language warning]

We are not going to sell ourselves and post any kind of payed ads in our blog.

Do not try to buy us with money.

Do not try to buy us with free items. 

Do not try to buy us with any-f***ing-thing.

Cosplay Blog is free from ads. It always was. And it always will be. I don’t want to force some “heeeey, look at this cool site!” stuff into my dear followers’ faces, because I love them. Every-f***ing-one.

I don’t want to say that I want my followers to see something because someone payed me to do this. It’s f***ing unfair and, what’s more important, it’s a f***ing lie. I don’t want to lie to my followers. 

I only share kickstarters and some fancy links I found useful for cosplay community and for everyone who loves cosplay, like, cosplay charity events or something else.

Cosplay Blog is my hobby. I love cosplay and I love to share something that caught my eye in the Internet. I don’t do it to grab any profit from it. I’m an active supporter of cosplay community, I’m not a vulture, who wants to earn money from other people’s work, because, let’s be clear, it’s not me who spends nights before cons rushing their costume to look awesome next day, it’s not me who carries tons of equipment to make amazing photos. If you want to give somebody your money, give your money it to cosplayers/photographers/artists: buy their books, buy their prints, send them money as donations. Or just show how you appreciate their hard work. Cosplay is not easy.


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