Adult Visual Novel ‘Walkure Romanze’ to get TV Anime Adaptation in Fall

In the latest issue of the game magazine “Tech Gain”, it was announced that the adult visual novel “Walkure Romanze” will be adapted in a TV anime series in this fall. Cast and Studio information is not disclosed yet. The game was released in 2012 by the company “Ricotta” whose previous game “Princess Lover!” was also adapted in TV series in 2009. The game has already been adapted into manga and novel, as well as Drama CD. Later this year a Fan Disc for the game, “Walkure Romanze: More & More”, will also be released.

Synopsis of the story:

Takahiro Mizuno is a teenager who was called a genius for “jousting”. However in a jousting tournament he was injured badly and had to retire from the sports. He later became a “begleiter”, an all-round assistant and advisor for “knights” who participate in jousting tournaments. And in the grand tournament this year, he encounters all kinds of girls joining the competition, and as a “begleiter” he is going to help them gain victory.

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Source: Scan of Tech Gain

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