Create Your Own Custom Landscapes in Photoshop

Preview of Final Results


Tutorial Resources

Step 1

Open the image ‘Landscape 1′.


Step 2

Open the image ‘Lanscape 2′ and place it above the ‘Landscape 1′ like you see below.


Step 3

Place your mouse on the ‘Landscape 2′ image and add a clipping mask by clicking the button I show you below.


Step 4

Now we have to delete the unwanted parts of ‘Landscape 2′ image by painting with black on the clipping mask.

I painted with a big soft brush at 100%. When I was closer to the image below I set the Opacity of the brush at 20% so that the blending is better. We want the effect that it’s only one image!


Step 5

We have now to fix the light of this field. Add a Curves Adjustment Layer only for the ‘Landscape 2′ image and set it like you see below. (Output 110; Input 141).



Step 6

Open the image ‘Mountains’ and place it above everything.


Step 7

Now we have to fit this image with the rest. You have to activate only the first layer (like shown below).


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